How do I make a deposit?

You are welcome to deposit using a debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro) or an e-wallet like SkrillNeteller, or Webmoney.

The minimum deposit is 10 USD/GBP/EUR.

Many of our traders prefer using e-wallets instead of bank cards because it’s faster for withdrawals.

And we have good news for you: We don’t charge any fees when you make a deposit or withdraw funds.


What if I want to change the currency of my account?

You can only set the currency once, when you make the first deposit attempt.

You will not be able to change the currency of your real trading account, so please make sure you choose the correct one before you click “Proceed to payment”.

You can deposit in any currency and it will be automatically converted to the one you chose.


How can I deposit Bitcoin?

You are welcome to make a deposit with Bitcoin. Please note that it is just another type of payment method, and Bitcoin will be converted into the currency of your real account.

To make a deposit in Bitcoin:

1) Go to the deposit page

2) Enter the amount and choose “Bitcoin” as the payment method.

Then you’ll be automatically redirected to, where you’ll see an invoice (address) generated for you. Copy that address and use it to send Bitcoin from your wallet.

Important: You only have 15 minutes to complete the deposit, or processing won’t be completed correctly and it won’t be credited to your Iplay Binary account. In this case, check your email. We will send you a link to return your Bitcoin to your wallet, so you can try again.

Please note that with any transaction on the network (blockchain), a commission is taken. At Cubits, the minimum commission for a transaction to be processed as “not spam” is 0.001 BTC. The commission is fixed and does not depend on the amount of the deposit.


Debit and credit cards. Can I deposit via credit card?
You can use any Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro (with CVV only) debit or credit card to deposit and withdraw money, except for Electron. The card must be valid and registered in your name, and support international online transactions.
No PayPal. Is PayPal available?
The option of deposit via PayPal is not yet available to our clients, but our developers are working to provide this option soon.
Where is my money? A deposit was made to my account automatically

Iplay Binary company is not able to debit your account without your authorization.

Please make sure that a third party doesn’t have access to your bank account or e-wallet.

It’s also possible that you have several accounts on our website.

If there’s any chance that someone got access to your account on the platform, change your password in the settings.


How can I unlink my card?

To unlink a card you’ve added for instant payments, go to the deposit window on the platform and click “Payment Method”.

At the bottom of the drop-down list, click “Unlink card”.

This opens the deposit page on the site. Next to the payment method, which is the linked card by default, click the “Unlink card” button.

Confirm this action, and your card will be removed from the list of payment methods.

If you decide to use this card later to make a deposit, you will need to enter the card information again.

Please note that this function is only available on the web version of the platform.


CVV or CVC code. What does CVV mean?
The CVV or СVС code is a 3-digit code that is used as a security element during online transactions. It is written on the signature line on the back side of your card. It looks like this
What is 3DS?
The 3-D Secure function is a special method for processing transactions. When you get an SMS notification from your bank for an online transaction, it means that the 3D Secure function is on. If you do not receive an SMS message, contact your bank to enable it.
I have problems depositing via card

Use your computer to deposit and it should work right away!

Clear temporary internet files (cache and cookies) from your browser. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE, choose the time period ALL, and select the option to clean. Refresh the page and see if anything changed. For complete instructions, see here. You can also try using a different browser or a different device.

Deposits might be declined if you entered the wrong 3-D Secure code (the one-time confirmation code sent by the bank). Did you get a code via SMS message from your bank?Please contact your bank if you didn’t get one.

This might happen if the “country” field is empty in your information. In this case, the system doesn’t know what payment method to offer, because available methods differ by country. Enter your country of residence and try again.

Some deposits might be declined by your bank if they have restrictions on international payments. Please contact your bank and check this information on their side.

You are always welcome to make deposits from an e-wallet instead.

We support the following: SkrillNetellerWebmoney

You can easily register with any of them online for free, and then use your bank card to add money to the e-wallet.

I have problems depositing Bitcoin

If you made a deposit and BTC was deducted from your e-wallet but it didn’t show up in your Iplay Binary account, we will help you resolve the issue.

Please send us a screenshot of the successful transaction made in one of these services:,

Send email to (you must include the transaction code, which starts with “tx”). We will check the transaction on our side and send you a link to return your BTC to your BTC wallet so you can try again.

Keep in mind that once the invoice is created on, you only have 15 minutes to pay it.

I have problems depositing via NETELLER

Recently, this problem has affected not only you but other traders as well. The problem was caused by the Neteller administration when they attempted to categorize their wallet into different accounts for storing money, such as purchasing goods, online payments, gaming and non-gaming purposes. For some reason, our company has been placed under “gaming purposes” in the Neteller wallet. So in order to complete a transfer to our platform, you need to have money on your gaming account in Neteller. Please transfer money within Neteller and try making a deposit from the gaming account. It should go through after that.

However, please be aware that Iplay Binary has no relation to gaming. We have contacted Neteller to resolve this issue and place payments to Iplay Binary under a different category of payments.

Your deposit attempt might be declined because of the wrong Neteller security code. In this case, you need to retrieve the code from your Neteller account as shown on the screenshot. You will receive a new code by email (each code is valid for 24 hours only). Make another deposit attempt entering your Neteller email address and the new security code. Payment should go through.

Skrill is not available in Brazil. I can’t deposit via Skrill
Unfortunately, Skrill does not work in Brazil now. We are currently working to resolve this issue. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to use available payment methods including Neteller.